Oasis Extracellular Matrix
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The Biodesign Hernia Graft is a non-cross-linked, non-dermis biologic graft that is completely remodelled into strong, vascularised patient tissue.(12-14)

Used for implantation to reinforce soft tissues where weakness exists during ventral hernia repair.

Order Number Reference Part Number  Size (cm)
G57513 C-SLH-8H-10X10-2 10 x 10
G57514 C-SLH-8H-13X15-2 13 x 15
G57515 C-SLH-8H-13X22-2 13 x 22
G57516 C-SLH-8H-20X20-2 20 x 20
G57517 C-SLH-8H-20X30-2 20 x 30